October 24, 2021


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What is Homeopathy

It is a secure , gentle & natural system of healing that works together with your body to alleviate symptoms, restore itself & improve your overall health. Therefore it is important to use medicines that cures well besides it does not have any side effects.

Homeopathy is 2nd largest system of medicine in the world, because according to W.H.O. homeopathy was born in Germany more than 200 years ago & practiced in over 80 countries. Most important thing about homeopathy is that most of the medicines cures in a very good manner. For best Homeopathic Advice & health, beauty tips Click here

It is fundamentally based on these three laws:

Like Cures Like

An example to explain this law is, when you cut an onion it can cause your nose to run and tears to stream from your eyes much like you might get when suffering from hayfever. In highly diluted homeopathic doses the onion (allium cepa) can, perhaps surprisingly, be used to cure these hayfever-like symptoms.

Another example of this is if you have a cold and the symptoms of your cold are similar to poisoning by mercury (although probably a lot less dramatic!), then mercury would be your homeopathic remedy.

Remedies with minimum Dose

Remedies are made by a series of dilutions and successions (vigorous shaking) of the active substance. The remedy can be diluted to as much as 1 part remedy to 1,000,000,000,000 parts water. The higher the potency, the more the remedy has been diluted. The doses used in homeopathy are so small that they cannot be acting directly on the physical body. Theey act dynamically enabling the body to restore itself to its former healthy state.

Because of this minute dose of the active ingredient remedies do not result in any side-effects and are not addictive. Thus homeopathy is particularly safe to use for babies, children and pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Single Dose

This means that even though you may suffer from 5 seemingly different and unrelated complaints, only one remedy will be given. The remedy will be chosen to cover all your problems whether they be on a physical, mental or emotional level.

How Does it work

Homeopathic remedies work by stimulating the body’s own healing power to heal itself. Disease is the body’s expression of an imbalance in the life force and so by stimulating this healing power the body is able to heal and regain balance.

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Homeopathy & Dr.Samuel Hahnemann

Homeopathy was founded with the principle “like cures like” by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the 19th century, Homeopathy works for the overall health for the whole individual on all levels: mentally, physically, a& nd emotionally.

The exact same principles of nature and of natural healing found in other ancient therapeutics. Homeopathy seeks to
re-establish both balance and harmony to a person’s health through the administration of specifically designed remedies. The sources of those remedies are all derived from present substances. Through scientifically formulated methods, the preparation of those remedies is meant to make sure that they’re going to resonate and stimulate the core of the weakened vital force , thus enabling it to become strengthened once more and permit the healing process to occur organically from within.

For over two centuries homeopathic medical treatment has caused cures for many people world wide during a rapid, gentle and permanent way. Until the 1920’s it accounted for about 25% of all medicine practiced within the us . Its renowned use has long been acknowledged throughout the planet as a serious medical therapeutic. The royalty uses homeopathic medicine for all their members as do many nationally recognized celebrities.

Mahatma Ghandi stated that “…homeopathy cures a bigger percentage of cases than the other method of treatment”.
The resurgence of homeopathy within the last decade within the us may be a testimonial to both the historical efficacy of this renowned medical therapeutic also as desire of the American people to get the simplest available treatment for themselves as whole beings on all levels.

Homeopathy Terms

aggravation – a clear intensification of the disease symptoms previously observed. Often related to the action of the right homeopathic remedy. See aphorisms 157-161, 247-249, 280, 282 of the Organon.

antidote – a substance, or a remedy, that helps in ending the effect of a homeopathic remedy. High temperatures are thought to antidote remedies. Nux Vomica is an antidote to all remedies. Mint is claimed to be an antidote of Natrum muriaticum. Many feel that coffee antidotes homeopathic remedies. When an individual is reacting incorrectly to a homeopathic remedy, an antidote could also be given to neutralize the consequences .

cell salts – a homeopathic physician, W.H. Schuessler, developed the Biochemic system using some 12 different ‘cell salts’. Schuessler felt that these cell sallts, biochemic remedies were fundamental to the right function of the physical body . Prepared in low potency(3x or 6x) and used for supported homeopathic indications.

Centesimal – one among three potency scales utilized in homeopathic pharmacy. it had been the primary potency developed by Hahnemann. 1 part medicinal substance (dry or tincture), mixed with 99 parts diluent (lactose or alcohol), then succussed (shaken), yields the 1c potency. Taking 1 a part of that potency mixed with 99 parts diluent, then succussed, yields the 2c potency. this is often continued until the specified potency is reached. A 200c has skilled this process 200 times. A 1M potency has skilled this process 1,000 times. the upper the potency, the stronger the stimulation of the life force .

repertory – an index of the homeopathic pharmacology by symptom. an inventory of remedies is indicated for every symptom. All modern-day repertories use Kent’s Repertory as their start line .

rubric – a symbol as written during a homeopathic repertory.

sarcode – a glandular extract or tissue extract made into a homeopathic remedy.

sensation – the experience of a symbol , what it seems like . one among the parts of an entire symptom.

Simillimum – the foremost similar remedy like a case. As such, the remedy presumably to cure.

succussion – the method of forcefully striking a homeopathic remedy against a firm surface.

vital force – the energy that maintains life within the individual. See aphorisms 9-12 of the Organon

The Best 5 ways homeopathy can help

Homeopathy really comes with its own techniques and is often used at deeper levels, and in several ways, counting on your condition:

Level 1 – Complementary treatment

Homeopathy is usually a helpful treatment to use alongside allopathic treatment. for instance , to manage side-effects from chemotherapy.

Level 2 – Trauma and acute care

For instance in care situations – Arnica for bruises, Apis for bee stings, Cantharis for burns.

Level 3 – Therapeutic treatment

There are specific treatments for named diseases – for instance specific remedies for headaches, coughs, colds, or stomach ache.

Level 4 – Individual symptoms

This is often where homeopathy starts to become individualized. A homeopath would combine knowledge of specific diseases, considerately of physical, mental and emotional symptoms, also as other strange or peculiar symptoms. This paints complete picture on which a remedy prescription is predicated .

Level 5 – Chronic disease

This level if often linked to inherited conditions – the precise ways people express their disease. it’s going to also involve any recurring thoughts or feelings they could have about their life.

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