November 30, 2021

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Bulk URL Checker

Allow your site visitors to check the server response of just one or a large batch of URL’s to see which ones might be redirected or which ones might come up 404 not found, and then make that list available for download. The longer the list of URL’s, the longer the tool will take to run.

Link Spinner

Allow your site visitors to put a list of URLs on one side, then a list of varied anchor text on the other side, press a button, and get a complete list of every possible variation of text link and landing page. This list can then be given to bloggers, authors, programmers, etc. to use throughout your content.

URL List   Anchor Text

Add nofollow   Open Links in New Window
Do not vary phrases (This will create just one .html link per phrase, retaining the order in which they're entered.)


The 10 Most Useful Websites

The 10 Most Useful Website

  1. – Scan any file or email for viruses.
  2. – Library for free HD videos which can be used anywhere.
  3. – Download free images for your website.
  4. – If you want to learn coding, this is the place.
  5. – Just upload an image & then find similar photo.
  6. – Voice recognition for quick & accurate recognition
  7. – Best collection of fonts that can be used anywhere.
  8. – Change your handwriting into a real font.
  9. – Realtime document conferencing
  10. – Create you own paintings & sketches with wide variety of brushes.

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