Five words or less Most of us can’t survive the winter without falling prey to at least one virus, infection or zealous set of cold germs. The phrase “winter wellness” sometimes seems like an oxymoron.

After all, staying indoors in a closed air system makes people more susceptible to certain germs. Winter’s affection for cold, dry air means germs will stay airborne longer.

Just like adding layers of hats and scarves, we must add layers of immune support to bolster our defenses.

For many families, the flu vaccine is a viable option, but don’t take any chances. Fortify your body’s immune system by making smart dietary choices, too.

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Vitamin C is an immune antioxidant that helps with the proper functioning of the immune system and helps to alleviate the symptoms associated with colds and flu. Vitamin C helps to reduce the severity of symptoms and shorten the duration of colds.

  1. The bottom line is vitamin C works at every stage of your immune system’s fight against colds and flu and supports a healthy immune engine.

2. Vitamin D3 helps to produce a wide range of immune-enhancing effects and offers protection against upper respiratory infections.

3. Zinc is an essential nutrient that helps the immune system fight off bacteria and viruses. It is one of the most important minerals for immunity.

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